Who Is Olivia?

Ana Claudia Lopez crafted her first local macaron shop soon after her daughter, Olivia, entered her life. Desiring to offer her child the best, and wishing to share with her daughter her own passion for all things delicious, she set about offering the best French macaron to their home city, Washington, DC.

Olivia Macaron began with that desire to share moments -- with a desire to connect, to give something delicious and special to a loved one.  It is that initial spark that continues to press Olivia Macaron forward. Each macaron flavor is playfully crafted with the finest ingredients to give all who eat them joy, especially when they're shared.

Ana Claudia Lopez

Ana Claudia is our founder and business lead. Ana Claudia worked in finance for a mortgage conglomerate and uses the things she learned to lead our front of house to sweet success.

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